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Dragons & Enemies explores how you can Slay Your Dragons & Tame Your Enemies.

“Dragons” are the external forces (competition, customers, vendors, marketing, etc.) that we must all overcome in order to succeed in business. “Enemies” are our inner barriers  (short-comings, habits, blind-spots, etc.) that we must acknowledge and align in order to be the best leaders possible.

For CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Sales Professionals, Dragons & Enemies taps into your highest potential to lead you to remarkable success, both professional and personal.

Align Your Enemies, Dance With Your Dragons

Align Your Enemies, Dance With Your Dragons

Aligning your Enemies Within and then learning to Dance with your Dragons can lead you to mastery over just about any situation. Yet, identifying our Enemies Within (our actions, reactions, habits, and internal points of view that inhibit our personal and professional growth) is difficult when we are often blind to our own short-comings. Self-Awareness, in this context, is the art of seeing through our blind-spots to acknowledge, accept and then align our Enemies.

Dragons come in all shapes and sizes and can be fought, avoided or even danced with. There are an endless supply of Dragons and a limitless array of strategies that can be used to address them.

Learn how to master your Dragons and Enemies Within using your immense internal power.

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We offer a full array of Keynotes, Workshops and Coaching that will transform you and your team into empowered and effective leaders, using unique self-awareness insights and motivational drivers.

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Joe’s presentations and customized sessions are packed with powerful principals, anecdotes and lessons based on his years as an entrepreneur, founder, and coach. You and your team will be fully engaged and anxious to take on higher-level performance.

Team members come away entertained, with a dramatic shift in their awareness as managers, salespeople and leaders.

Most Requested Topics

“Leadership Integrity & Consistency”
Principal-based leadership concepts to empower higher team performance

“Sales Clawing & Climbing”
Motivational insights for self-driving dramatic sales-achievement

“Awakening & Execution”
Real-life narrative and teachings to propel business breakthrough growth

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