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We help entrepreneurs and professionals Slay Their Dragons and Tame Their Enemies. Our presentations and workshops focus on the Big Idea That The Most Effective Leaders Are Self-Correcting and Self-Aware, often requiring courage and conviction.

Joe Lieberman’s presentations and workshops on Leadership Awareness apply to Entrepreneurs, Executives, Managers and Professionals with a wide array of backgrounds. Joe unveils essential and unique principles for maximizing performance through self-awareness techniques. Joe delivers with insights, purpose, warmth and humor, drawing from years of in-the-trenches success (and a PhD in Failure.)

All presentations are tailored to meet your event goals, and our workshops include handouts, exercises and sharing opportunities to fully involve all present.  All events can include signed books.

Leader Awareness: Dragons & Enemies

Participants gain deep insights into their own untapped abilities through engaging stories, compelling anecdotes and unique principles. Audience members leave with personal missions to:

  • Embrace and overcome known and hidden shortcomings,
  • Overcome frustrations with grace and dignity,
  • Align actions and words with the business’ core-values, and
  • Propel their leadership abilities to their highest level.

How To Earn a PhD In Failure

With humor and honest revelations, Joe talks about how to embrace failure as a natural course of achievement. He covers a personal journey of overcoming fear, frustration and self-doubt to accomplish his goals, such as being fired and then growing and selling his first start-up, Other principals of embracing failure and overcoming personal limitations are address. Participants are provided with inspiration and specific tools to:

  • Address their limitations and blind-spots with strength,
  • Elegantly face their on-going frustrations with dignity and grace,
  • Identify and embrace the three words that will provide the most inspiration, and
  • Align actions and words with the business’ core-values.

Sales Reality: Clawing & Climbing

Audience members are taken through an inspirational ride, leaving them with conviction to climb sales achievements Participants will embark on personal missions to:

  • Maximize unique strengths and overcome known and hidden shortcomings,
  • Embrace sales prospecting, courting and closing with courage and conviction,
  • Drive to achieve sincere and long-term relationships with the most desired customers, and
  • Align their actions and words with the business’ core-values.

Entrepreneur Experience: Eye Opening & Execution

The entrepreneur journey is revealed and shared with unique insights and experiential learning. Joe takes the audience through an eye-opening journey by unveiling uncommon principles for anyone in the creation stage. Participants are ready to:

    • Awaken their hidden talents and known and uncovered shortcomings,
    • Embrace mentors to propel their abilities to new heights,
    • Execute new strategies to master forces formally out of their control, and
    • Align their actions and words with the business’ core-values.

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