What People Are Saying

Reviews and testimonials from past clients, customers, and attendees.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better speaker and presentation. It’s really hitting home right now with where are at in our company with our core values and leadership. I got a free consultation and am just excited to be a part of it.”
Fairfax Industrial Association

“I was so inspired by Joe Lieberman and his talk today. Self-reflection is vital to the success of everybody professionally and personally.”
Leawood Chamber of Commerce

“A world view in which .. obstacles to success and happiness are treated with a blunt, honest, and constructive process of self-assessment and remediation.  (Joe) speaks to the alignment of one’s personal and business visions, where integrity is central to success ..highly enjoyable..”
Mo Kamal, Executive Director, Investment Management, MSNBC Contributor, Dubai, UAE

“Joe’s clever concept, “Dragons & Enemies,” provides a new way to contend with the negative external forces and internal head trash that often clouds our judgment and prevents us from moving forward in a productive manner. (You) are sure to emerge happier in business and in life.”
Alana Muller, Founder and CEO, Coffee Lunch Coffee and Author of “Coffee Lunch Coffee:  A Practical Field Guide for Master Networking”

“Joe mixes humility, confidence, results and wise counsel into a unique, knock-down barriers achievement.”
Brian D. Newby, Executive Director United States Election Assistance Commission

“Quite inspiring and I took a lot from it. The audience was very pleased with the message that Joe brought forward.”
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Presentation Attendees
“His message was clear and strongly motivating. He’s very inspirational and hit on key principals to make your leadership grow as a person.”
“If you’re a leader, you always need to be putting a mirror up to yourself and learning where your scotomas are or where your blind-spots are, what you can always work on and improve, and how you can take that forward.”
“I’m at a point in my career where I’m ready to take that next step to be a more effective leader not only in my profession but in my community and within my family. I really enjoyed it. He has a lot to offer and great insight.”
“He knew his subject. He had great anecdotal stories and stories are always the best sellers.”“It was great. He touched on many topics we must deal with. We have to slay our Dragons every day. I would recommend attending one of his seminars.”
“I really enjoyed it. It’s really nice to be able to have someone walk you through the process that involves leadership and entrepreneurship, the failure that comes with it and the conclusion afterwards.”
“You have to align yourself with your core-values, because if you don’t, nothing else matters.”

“Joe has been offering me gold nuggets of wisdom since our undergraduate days in the University of Michigan’s engineering program.  It’s no surprise that he’s now mentoring hundreds through the maze of obstacles we all confront on our way to success. Be thankful that he put all of his expertise into Dragons & Enemies!”
Steve Jermanok, Founder of ActiveTravels.com, Author of over 1500 articles, 3 books, and the film ‘Passionada’ (2003)

“Just when you thought there were no new relevant perspectives, Dragons and Enemies applies self-awareness to business in a practical and engaging way.”
David Parker, President, CEO DapaKapa Productions, Inc.

“Dragons & Enemies blends contemporary eastern philosophies, cognitive psychology and Mr. Lieberman’s career as a successful entrepreneur.”
Dr. Dan Somberg, PhD, Psychologist