The Velocity of Leadership

Your professional growth depends on your desire and ability to accelerate through life.

Your daily challenges and obstacles (Dragons) are increasing and unending. Merely improving your leadership skills at a constant rate is not enough to keep up. The demands of your surrounding environment are often increasing at a faster pace. If you don’t accelerate your skill development, you’ll only fall behind.

Velocity vs. Acceleration

“Your power is a function of velocity.
That is to say, your power is a function
of the rate at which you translate intention into reality.”  
Werner Erhard

Constant motion refers to any type of motion where the speed changes by the same amount each moment.

Acceleration occurs when movement increases and does not remain at the same pace.

When the forces working against us are accelerating, a constant velocity of our growth will not keep up with the demands.

Every second, we are re-actively or proactively responding to constant forces in our business (e.g. technology challenges, employee issues, customer attrition). But as time goes on, more challenging obstacles may appear (e.g. technology shifts and obsolescence, smarter more nimble competition, increases in cost of goods) requiring even more power to address them. These are accelerating changes, and our leadership growth must keep up with them.

Effective leadership requires improvement at an accelerated rate, with deliberation.

Gravity Pulls Us Down

The force of gravity is constant and accelerating, pulling us down towards the earth.

According to Newton’s Second Law of Motion, Force = Mass x Acceleration.  Physics says we are pulling the earth towards us, but the world is so massive that our pull is negligible; the earth’s force is much greater.

As a leader, you can think of gravity as the weight of the organization below you, the people and problems that weigh us down every day.

Accelerated Leadership

Leaders must constantly improve their abilities at a rate faster than the forces acting upon them, otherwise they don’t grow beyond their environment. They must seek accelerated growth.

If you’re interested in accelerated leadership, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are you doing to move faster than the forces working against you (Dragons?)
  • Do you have the self-confidence to acknowledge and address your short-comings, weaknesses and blind-spots (Enemies?)
  • Or, do you see yourself as the “smartest person in the room?”
  • Are you satisfied with your personal growth?
  • Or, do you seek out the council, support and mentorship from people who have skills and knowledge greater than you possess?

Many leaders are static or growing at a constant rate. It’s not sufficient to simply respond to demands and stand in the way of your own growth.

Effective leaders are always growing at a rate faster than their environment.

Go Slay Dragons!